bright hunter green poop after eating purple cabbage, concern?


9 Years
Mar 22, 2010
went to the coop this AM and everyones poop was a bizarre bright hunter green, everyone seems fine, but their poop was weird. Only thing differnt was first time giving them red cabbage, could that have been it? anyone else ever see such a thing?not concerned at this time, but will keep a close eye on them.
I've never given mine purple cabbage, but yes things they eat can cause their poo to be different color. My roo when he was a baby about 8 weeks old poo'd fluorescent green from eating a gug gave him a tummyache too. They poo purple from eating mulberries. I wouldnt worry unless they are acting sick
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had the exact same thing happen a couple weeks ago. Gave the girls a purple cabbage to enjoy & later that day my son comes running in "MOM there's something wrong with the chickens!". Ran out & LMBO
Beets don't do it, but purple cabbage does ~ go figure......

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