BRIGHT neon green Pigeon poop?


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Aug 16, 2011
Swansea SC
I know there has to be a million post about this, but my room mate, Jake, has two homers and a ringneck dove together, and when I went in there to talk to them, (I'm crazy) I noticed there was a lot of neon green poop in everywhere, they have been loosing tons of feathers, but I thought maybe the were just molting or something. We have tons of chickens and turkeys running around, but they have never had direct contact with the pigeons. Also, they are eating pigeon food from a local milling co where buy most of out feed, scratch, and D.E from. I know next to nothing about these birds, and I really wanted to get some people who know what they are talking about telling me whats going on? Thanks guys!
yeh this is good weather to molt! The poop, is it really neon or just really bright. I see a lot of that in mine. and I've got pigeons, Never feed a stray pigeon. They have lots of friends. They are gone most of the day but always return in the evening so I don't know what there eating. But they been splattering some greenish poop for years. It's not like all there poop is green just mixed in sorta.

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