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    Aug 22, 2013
    I have purchased mini Eco incubator today and I have still 2 days to get the eggs from a farm. I thought that within these 2 days I test the machine so I will get to know the machine a bit better . I have placed 3 thermometer and 2 hygrometer in the incubator and one is already installed in the incubator. I am having different reading from all of them so I am a bit worried . The readings are as below.
    Temperature from 4 thermometers: 37.1 , 36.5 , 37 , 37.5
    An an experiment I have left the incubator with no water to see whether the humidity in the room has any affect in incubator. The reading started from 56% and then after 4 hours it dropped down to 36. Then I have added 9ml of water in the incubator and the reading now it 47% but rising slowly .
    I have read lots of post about dry incubation but not sure if I should leave the humidity at this level and then increase on the day 18 .
    I am kind of fine and confident with the tem as it is steady but the humidity I am a bit worried about.
    Please give me some advise .

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