Bringing home geese


Dec 29, 2016
Stafford VA
Hi! We are rehoming two geese. Met them and they seem very calm. Anyone know what they are? We've built a cage to lock them up at night, got them a dog house to sleep, and a little starter kiddie pool to splash in. We have 3 acres fenced in. Looking for some advice on how to introduce them to their new home. We bring them home at 2PM tomorrow. Oh there are 9 chickens running around here also.


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Looks like you have an Embden and a Grey Pomeranian. With 3 acres to roam, I don't think you will have any problems between the geese and chickens. Even if they can't get along it should be pretty easy for your chickies to get away!
Congratulations on your newest additions! Geese are the clowns of the flock at my enjoyable to watch!
Do you think I should confine them a bit in their cage? Should I give them free range of the property right away or limit to a small section At first? Also, would it be beneficial to put pavers in the run/cage? I raked it out this morning and have these pavers I could just line up in there. My wife also read we should protect from snakes at night; should i line the run with hardware cloth? I'm already planning on putting a hardware cloth skirt on the outside.


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Yes, if you could limit their range for a while until you notice that they have the hang of where "home" is would be best. Also, hardware cloth skirt, absolutely, as for the amount you need to put around the outside of the cage will depend on the predators you have in your area.
I've read some stories on here that geese have successfully chased off some smaller varmints with the noises they'll make alone, but I can testify that mine could care less when skunks are roaming around.
As far as the floor of their cage, pavers would be a good idea, you'd be able to spray those off from time to time with a hose, easy clean up!
So they are home and doing well. The first 3 nights was a wild goose chase bedding them down. But the last two nights I herded them 60 yards in under a minute! No drama. They got spooked yesterday when the chickens started sprinting to us for snack time and flew! Elsa the goose cleared 20' high trees and landed in neighbor's yard! Louie the gander immediately let out some kind of wail because his mate was gone. I was able to herd Elsa back up the driveway and through the gate connected to our 6' fence :). Think we are gonna have to clip some wings. We noticed they dont sleep in their dog house at all. I did put the pavers down in the cage and that is awesome because every morning we can hose them down.


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That is a great set up you have for them. They look like they have settled in just fine! Beautiful place you have for them all. That’s so funny about your female flying same thing happened here my Toulouse female was up behind the house flew over the fence landed in the driveway she looked like she was shocked. Thankfully I was home an got her back inside. I clipped wings that first year since then 7 yrs now she has not flown over the fence.
Thx! We took the hardware cloth up another level. And just bought a 6' diameter 2' high galvanized tank for swimming. I'm looking for cool solutions to filter it though. Haven't set it up yet. Since they won't get in the dog house, should I add a tarp around the outside during the winter? I also got one of those heavy stall mats so they at least don't have to stand on the pavers. Any comments would be appreciated.
Elsa the goose cleared 20' high trees

She flew 20 feet high?! :eek: When I first brought home Golly and Georgia my pair of American Buff Geese, Golly spooked when the dogs ran out into the yard. He went straight up about seven or eight feet and easily cleared the six foot fence to the run and landed in the pasture. Thankfully he wasn't used to the place yet and he was easy to round up and put back in the pen. Since then neither of them have ever attempted to clear the run or yard fence.
And just bought a 6' diameter 2' high galvanized tank for swimming. I'm looking for cool solutions to filter it though.

I am going to try to mimic this set up:

I think it looks awesome. I'd absolutely love seeing my geese use it. I'll just have to build in a nice, wide ramp. It took Georgia ages (literally months) to discover the bricks I had piled (like a pyramid of sorts) into their big pool. lol

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