Bringing homemade egg salad to the Christmas Potluck lunch at work tomorrow

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    I just hope I can resist the urge to eat it all tonight.... A dozen medium boiled eggs A touch of yellow mustard for tang Just enough hellmanns olive oil mayo to hold the mixture together It's jaw droppingly, amazingly good, and I'm a mediocre cook at best, the color is a bright orange-yellow, it looks like I used food coloring, but I didn't, and the mouthfeel and consistency? It's not crumbly and sulfur-ry like egg salad usually is, no, it's smooth and creamy, I think the medium doneness of the yolks was a big help, they were right at the transition point between soft and crumbly, the yolks didn't have all the moisture cooked out of them... None of the yolks had the gray-green outer layer of an overdone egg, and 8 out of the 12 appeared to have been fertile (i just won't tell anyone that, what they don't know won't hurt them... Can't wait for the reactions to the egg salad...
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    Oct 11, 2014
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    how pretty! So, how'd it go over?
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    Not as well as I was hoping, those that tried it liked it, but there was so much food to choose from it got lost in the shuffle, I should have made mini sandwiches with it

    Meh, more for me, it won't go to waste

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