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    OK, so our chicks are 4wks old and "broody" is now squawking up a storm, wanting to get back to the flock. (I suspect) She went broody back in March, so we let her sit on 1/2 a dozen eggs, from which we got 2 chicks. So far, "broody" has been a great mom! ...and we didn't have to teach her anything. Isn't nature amazing?!?! BTW, she turned 1YO, about the time the chicks were 1-2wks old.

    I built a brooder coop, separate from the main coop and they have been in there for ~2.5-3wks. They were separated during "broodies" sitting/hatching time. The brooder coop is nearby the main coop and they have a fence between the run areas, so everyone knows about the chicks. The adjoining fence does have a door (closed) and removing the door is all I'll need to do to to let everyone mingle. Additionally, we have our separate run areas covered and quite predator proof, so only have the issue of integration.

    Right now our flock (5 hens, a roo and 2 (new) chicks) consists of 2 EE's, one a Roo and the other the Broody. 2 Red Sexlinks (one hatched egg) who are currently top of the pecking order and one is really b!tchie/bossy/demanding. One Speckled Sussex (the other hatched egg) and one Silver Laced Wyandotte. The roo has just started to show signs of aggression towards the wife, this last weekend. Sort of set us on edge, but we were waiting for this to occur. Suspect it was because of the orange poop cleaning gloves the DW was wearing. Before this last weekend, there was no aggression shown.

    I've been doing reading here and see most suggest integration no earlier than 6-8wks, but I suspect our broody is getting stir-crazy, being away from the flock. She has begun separating herself from the chicks, but since they are not yet fully feathered, they will still need her warmth, with night in the 40's here in SW WA.

    I would like thoughts/suggestion re: how soon to let everyone in the same area... and are there any things we can do to keep the chicks safe, if momma doesn't protect? (I doubt it, but gotta ask) Yea, we're newbies in this aspect of chicken life. :/

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