Brinsea 190, is the humidity pump always this NOISY?


10 Years
Mar 28, 2009
fredonia, wi

We have our new Brinsea 190 partially loaded with eggs. It has been running and holding temperature great. I have been adding water to the humididty tray via a tube and syringe, works but kind of a pain. Hubby was planning on on building his own version of the Brinsea humidity pump but I was not being patient so he ordered it from brinsea.

I liked the idea of it being hooked up to the incubator software and being able to hold the humidity where you set it.

We have a old farm house and have a fan in the wall blowing hot air into the kitchen, we are not living in a quiet modern house. But this thing is loud, yes we will adjust to it and as long as it does the job will be happy.
But, it is LOUD!

I am guessing this is normal? Please tell me you still like your pump
OK, Update on the humidity pump. After using it for a while it seems that there is a second issue, beyond the pump being noisy. That thing does not put out anywhere near as much water as my 190 bator requires, runs practically continuously just to keep the humidity at 45%, and yes, it is still irritatingly noisy and is sucking down water like a thirsty camel!

I finally got around to calling Brinsea and they know the "new" pumps are noisy, compared to the old ones, which I understand from the forum were noisy as well! They did say that it will quiet down with use. Some malarky about it being packed with grease and as it breaks in it will quite down. We will see...................

As to it not pumping enough water, again, a known problem, especially common in the winter in the norther climates where it is very dry. The fix is a larger diameter tube which will displace more water. Duh! If they know it is an issue with the cabinet incubators why was it sent out with the small dia tube! They only "volunteered" to send me the larger tube when I threatened to pack the works up and send it back to them. Again, we will see if the "fix" really is...........

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