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  1. OnlyinGlenloch

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    Feb 7, 2011
    Franklin Georgia
    I am not sure what is going on but last night my awesome husband ordered an incubator from brinsea the 20 advanced.
    Now this is after he sent me off Tuesday night to buy some Easter Egger chicks I have been wanting.
    And that was after my daughter and I came home from a chicken show with two beautiful silkies.
    So I have 10 happy little chicks in the brooder and an incubator on the way, I am sure I have died and gone to heaven.
    I can't wait to get the incubator:p[​IMG][​IMG]
    What I am wondering is how long does it take to get it from Brinsea. We are only in Georgia and they are in Flordia. We tried to call today to see if it shipped but no answer.
    Any stories with their shipping and all would be appreciated. I don't know if I will make it I feel like I could bust.
    I hope we did the right thing in getting that one. I just can't wait!!!
  2. startingover

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    May 15, 2009
    Northern Kentucky
    When I ordered mine, I got it within a week.
  3. gryeyes

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    Nice to see you joining BYC and entering the chicken keeping world in a big way!

    You will love the Brinsea Octagon20 Advance incubator.

    Happy hatching!

    (And chick raising and chicken keeping, too!)
  4. Frosty

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    Mar 30, 2008
    Can your DH call my DH and tell him that an Octagon would make the wife really happy? [​IMG]
  5. 1MrsMagoo

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    Jan 11, 2010
    St Tammany Parish LA
    It was a week from the time I ordered it till the time it arrived. However, it only took overnight for the shipment to reach me since I am also pretty close here in SE Louisiana. You will love this incubator. I am going into lockdown on my second batch tomorrow: 28 black, blue, and splash Ameraucana eggs. This thing is very easy and super user friendly...the DH must have been trying to score some points;)
  6. OnlyinGlenloch

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    Feb 7, 2011
    Franklin Georgia
    Sounds like it may be a week or less. I think I can wait that long.I am glad to hear every one loves their Brinsea.
    Thanks for the info. Much better than having to wait to get a hold of Brinsea.
    I wish he could call all husbands, that haven't felt the need, because knowing I can hatch out eggs is so egggciting:lol:
    Thanks again
    Happy hatching.

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