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    Aug 22, 2011
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    Wea re going to be ordering a Advanced incubator soon and I saw on a post somewhere that people place felt or something in side the unit. I wanted to find this and read up more on it if they do it for cleaning reasons or traction for the eggs to turn and if they do it all the time or just during "lock down". Any help and/or advice would be great.
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    Aug 10, 2011
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    Use the Egg Turner for pattern .You can use Paper towel /couple layers.Guess clean felt or absorbent cloth that will lay flat .Kitchen cabinet shelf liner (kind of porous soft pattern)with paper towel under it for absorption).For hatching /lock down you will remove egg turner anyway.Lay it on material to be used, trace outline/ cutout.Lay this in bottom of Adv INC put eggs on it and you got a hatch in 3 days or so. Its best to do this before even starting Inc. cut out a few and then when you need them its just a matter of remove Turner put in liner and eggs and your in business...

    yes its multi-purpose ; clean up,traction ,absorption.....cva34

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