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Oct 12, 2019
78 little ones are three weeks old and growing like crazy. They all have their wing feathers and are getting more body feathers every day. We are now down to 85 to 80 degrees in the brooder and when is it time to stop using the brinsea brooder? They don’t sleep under it any more and sleep more on their little roost. I also have a heat lamp that I can suspend over the brooder to keep the temp between 80 to 85. We have had to put screen over the brooder since they became aware of their wings and started flying up to the edge of the brooder...😂. We just don’t know when to stop using the brinsea brooder. Thank you so much for your help.


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Heat pad means no need for a heat lamp. Not sure if you were using both or just had the lamp as a backup?

By 3 weeks mine are coming off heat completely, so depending on what your unheated ambient air temperatures are, you might be able to cut heat out at this time.

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