Brinsea ECO 20 Advanced Hatch Problems

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  1. Kory

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    May 23, 2010
    A couple of months ago we ordered a Brinsea ECO 20 Advanced Incubator with the Humidifier and we have been having poor hatch rates.

    First Clutch:
    We obtained 24 eggs from my Dad's place and drove them home (10 miles on not too bumpy of a road). We tried to obtain our eggs as soon as possible and we discarded the dirty ones. We collected these eggs over 2 days and the first collection was left in the open air indoors. Which may be part of the reason for the later poor hatch.

    We set 24 eggs on the evening of March 17th for an April 7th hatch. We only had one hatch on the evening of April 7th (Day 21). Most of the rest hatched on April 8th (Day 22), and only 1-2 hatched on April 9th (Day 23). All hatched chicks are still alive and doing very well. We had 15 of the 24 hatch (62.5% hatch).

    Brinsea Settings:
    1-18: 99.6F @ 45% RH
    19-24: 99.6F @ 65% RH
    Day 18 was determined to be Monday, April 4th and the eggs were taken off of the auto-turn cradle and the humidity was increased at the same time.

    First Clutch Eggtopsy:
    One was an early death (within first 10 days or so).
    One had made it through the membrane but not the shell.
    The only seven never made it through the membrane.

    Second Clutch:
    We obtained 14 eggs directly from the nests and drove them home (same 10 miles as before). We kept the dirty ones and spotted ones this time. We set them on the evening of April 14th for a May 5th hatch. We had zero hatch on May 5th, the rest hatched over May 6th (Day 22) and into the evening and then only one that hatched on May 7th (Day 23). We had 10 of the 14 hatch (71.4% hatch rate). The two dirty eggs (had a smear or two of poo, but was very mild) did not hatch and they never broke the membrane.

    Brinsea Settings:
    1-18: 99.6F @ 50% RH
    19-24: 99.6F @ 70% RH
    Day 18 was determined to be Monday, May 2nd and the eggs were taken off of the auto-turn cradle and the humidity was increased at the same time.

    Second Clutch Eggtopsy:
    One was early death or infertile. (I never candled them this time and left the incubator closed until day 18 when I took out the egg dividers (this was like less than 30 seconds or so).
    One had broke through the membrane and was nearly out of its shell but perhaps the other chicks or the other egg shell prevented it from getting out and it may have suffocated. Hard to say with this one.
    Two dirty eggs never broke through the membrane.

    So was this second hatch a success then? Given that the dirty eggs and the infertile/early death one didn't hatch and the other one died partially out of its shell? Could it be that the first hatch was poor due to improper storage methods? Could it be that this Brinsea unit is malfunctioning because they consistently hatch a day late? Any other ideas? Thanks...

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    May 14, 2008
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    Buy a Brinsea spot check thermometer.

    I found out that mine was running a full degree below what we had set it at.

    My first few hatches were fabulous. Then the last couple, most of the chicks hatched late.
  3. Kory

    Kory Hatching

    May 23, 2010
    Thanks Mahonri for the advice. I will place one on order to determine if this is my problem. Would anyone else have any other ideas? Or would a lower temperature cause the lower hatch ratios?

    Thanks so much...

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