Brinsea Eco, embryos dying just before hatch


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
West Virginia
I feel like I've lost my incubation mojo. A friend had borrowed our incubator for a year or so and had GREAT hatches. Often 100% hatch rate. I have the incubator now & I'm having problems. We set 32 chicken eggs, 26 hatched. I checked those that didn't. Couple had a fair amount of yolk still, but the embryo was appeared formed completely (looked like a chick with a yolk sac). The others were completely formed & appeared to be fine except for being dead.
We set 11 runner duck eggs. 1 never developed. I candled the eggs twice. The remaining 10 developed. Today is day 29. Three have hatched. No pips on the remaining 7.

It's been about 2 years since I've hatched any birds.

I used to have very nice hatch rates.

I didn't change any settings on the incubator.

I misted the duck eggs daily.

I put a thermometer/hygrometer in the incubator. Temps seemed fine. The humidity did fluctuate (higher after misting & adding water, lower 24 hrs later when I related the process).

Thoughts on why the embryos are dying before hatch?

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