Brinsea ECO Vs. ADV


12 Years
Jun 14, 2007
northwest Ohio
I want to get a brinsea 20 i am debating between eco and adv. Is it worth the extra money? Also the auto turn cradle turns every hour, doesnt that seen like too much? I get better hatches hand turning then auto turning in my hovabator... What do you think?


10 Years
Apr 23, 2009
laguna hills CA
I have the 20 Advance with autoturner and have had very good hatches. I would have gotten the Eco but found a great deal on EBAY. In my opinion the ECO can do anything the Advance can short of the optional humidity control module. Nice to have the ability to calibrate and have digital readouts but if you are just looking for a solid Bator those bells and whistles don't count for much at least for me. You will want to add at least 1 good quality thermometer and hygrometer to the chamber. The turner works great. Get it if you can.

The main shortcoming of the 20 is space. It can hatch the listed maximums for eggs but would be very tight for the chicks. I usually go 1/2 to 2/3 full.

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