Brinsea H22 Digital Incubator Humidity Management Module & fitting kit

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    I orginally bought this module for my OvaEasy Incubator from Brinsea. The Module has been opened but never used. It also comes with the fitting kit necessary for installation in either of the large Brinsea Incubators. I purchased it just prior to Christmas & never got around to installing it. Fortunately for me & "for YOU" Santa brought me an antique redwood cabinet incubator for Christmas so I no longer need this item. My loss is your "gain"!

    This automatic incubator humidifier provides continuous accurate control, water metering and direct display of current brooder or incubator humidity in % Relative Humidity.

    Control of humidity is the no.1 cause of confusion and misunderstanding in incubation procedure, frequently resulting in poor hatching rates.

    The solution to the problem is Brinsea's new H22 Digital Incubator Humidity Management Module, an automatic incubator humidifier which suits most fan-assisted incubators and provides continuous, direct and highly accurate relative humidity (% RH) readout. It also controls the amount of water evaporated within the incubator to maintain the humidity level set by the user.

    The new H22 now features a digital display which clearly and continuously shows the Relative Humidity (RH) within the incubator, allowing you to both accurately monitor and if necessary adjust the humidity level in forced draught incubators as required, in order to help ensure maximum hatching success.

    The Humidity Module will compensate for fluctuations in ambient humidity level, day or night, and allows the user complete control over incubation environment.

    The module stands beside the incubator, and is connected to it by a thin electrical lead and a flexible tube for water supply. The sensor mounts through a 25mm (one inch) diameter hole in the incubator wall, pre-cut on all Brinsea forced draft incubators. The H22 is suitable for many incubator brands holding up to about 1,000 eggs.

    If you are planning on using the H22 Humidity Management Module with an Ova-Easy 190 or 380 cabinet incubator the fitting kit necessary to mount the humidity sensor to the incubator is included in this auction

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