Brinsea Incubator Octogon 40 Advance EX Package

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    The Octagon 40 Advance is one of the most high-tech small-use incubators in the world. It is completely digital, using reliable environmental-sensing technology, it constantly monitors the conditions inside the incubator, sensing temperature and humidity. This package includes internal humidity and temperature display and also come complete with the auto-turn cradle. The EX package provides completely digital control of humidity via a pump which sends water into the incubator when required.

    Feel free to ask me any question you might have. I purchased this incubator in the summer of 2015, and used it for 4 hatches. I decided I needed to set more eggs at one time, so I purchased the Brinsea Ova Easy 100 to replace this one.

    I live in Canada and only really need CDN$800. If you buy this incubator, I will send you a paypal invoice Canadian dollars $800.

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