Brinsea mini advance incubator

I have seven duck eggs in mine right now. This is it's first hatch, but it holds temperature extremely well and all seven of the eggs are kicking. Can't wait till the 15th!
I don't have one but I'd desperately like one as soon as I can find either a) Cheep one on ebay or online somewhere that will ship to Australia or b) I can find a reasonable "local" seller.
OMG i forgot to ask? should the ducklings actually be hatched in the incubator or once they start to hatch should i move them to the brooder? does anybody know if its ok to actually hatch the eggs in this incubator?
forget to bump this thread yesterday when it came, the eggs came this morning and i put them in a few hours later, il know if they are fertile next week
You will want to leave your ducklings in the bator at the correct humidity and temp for one day after they hatch or until completely dry and fluffy.

Make sure your brooder is set to the same temp as your bator for about a week so they don't get too much shock while entering the world.

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