Brinsea Mini Advance settings?

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    Mar 5, 2011
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    Time to start my incubator up again. :) I've decided to set the seven eggs that I collected this morning.

    Going through the menu settings got me wondering what settings you all use. Right now I have the:

    Temp set at 100.6 (accurate thermometer inside is reading 99.5)
    T-mode AUT
    Turn Int 180 MINS
    Turn Ang 9
    Hi - Lo alarms set for 2 degrees above, 4 degrees below
    Cooling OFF

    What I'm really curious about is what you guys find successful with your Turn Interval (time between each auto-turn) and if you use the cooling feature.

    I have only used this incubator once, bought it new last summer, and I don't think I used the cooling option, but I am quite curious about it.

    So let's compare notes!
  2. jsferg69

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    Feb 24, 2013
    I just bought this incubator a few days ago and just set 3 (shipped) bantam ameraucana eggs and 4 mixed polish eggs that I picked up locally myself on the 14th at 9pm. I have the temp set at 99.6 and the turning angle set to 7. Interval is set to every 60 minutes.

    I will be using the automatic cooling feature but not yet. The manual says best results are achieved when the cooling feature is turned on "from day 7 through to 2 days before hatch date". Does this mean day 7 as in the 7th day of incubation or day 7 as in 7 days left until hatch? The reason I ask is because this incubators day counting feature counts down from 21 so day 7 could mean 7 days before hatch or 7 days after set. No idea.
    Im not too worried about which day I put the cooling feature on because naturally a broody hen gets off the nest at least once most days but not all in my experience.

    One thing I am worried about in this hatch is that I did not check the 3 shipped bantam ameraucana eggs for air sac damage or misplacement.

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