Brinsea Mini Advanced EX Reviews?

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  1. Hi,

    There are three different Brinsea minis - the eco, the advanced and the advanced EX. All three of them are listed here:

    Does anyone have the Advanced EX version and if so:

    - have you hatched Serama out of it?

    - do 12 Serama eggs fit in the 12-slotted disc that comes with it or are they too large?

    What are your opinions of this specific bator? Does it hold temperature and humidity well for you?

    It comes with something called "egg cooling" which kind of confuses me - why would I want them cooled and what is that for? (can't find that info)

    OR...would it be better to buy an Rcom mini? The only negative side to that bator (and it's a big downside in my opinion) is that it only holds 3 eggs according to what I've seen/read.

    Thanks in advance.

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    well, I don't have a mini - but I have a brinsea eco and a brinsea advance.

    If I were to buy another small incubator today, I would be buying a brinsea. I have had great hatches out of them. I especially like that the bars that hold the eggs are adjustable in width. I've actually hatched turkey eggs and old English games eggs at the same time. They hold humidity great and are very much "set it and forget it" type incubators. I think the mini would just be frustrating due to its inability to hold very many eggs.

    I did hatch some serama eggs I got in a swap using my Genesis Hovabator. I swore I'd never buy a styrofoam incubator, but I was very pleased with the results I got using the Genesis. The newest model with the digital readout and removable plastic water tray was very easy to use, held temp and humidity well and the trays held a large variety of egg sizes.

    I don't know if that helps... I guess I'm saying if you're going to spend the money, for just a little bit more you can get something bigger that will work great.
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