Brinsea Mini Eco II help


Aug 5, 2019
Tasmania, Australia
I've been running an Eco II empty before transferring some eggs into it. I am having some troubles with temperature and humidity. The manual says that temperature is factory set at he optimum (37 or 37.5 can't remember). But it won't go over 35.4. Humidity was just around 30 with one water well full and a little water in the other.
Have not been able to play with the temperature control yet as I couldn't find a mini screwdriver (picked some up before work this morning) so can adjust it tonight.
I think the room may be an issue, house doesn't have the best of heating, so I put it in a cardboard box and got the readings above from that.
Just wondering if anyone had any advice? Should I just crank up the temperature of the incubator or would a styrofoam box help? Would that help humidity too?
Have some eggs I am desperate to get some chicks out hence, upgrading from a cheaper incubator.
Incubators work best when in a room that is a steady 70F or warmer. My HovaBators do well in my basement, but it is very stable and 65F.

Your incubator is tiny, can you move it somewhere else in the house that is warmer and more stable? A small table inside a closet could work well. I would not advise boxing around it, it needs air (just not a draft).

If you can't move it, go ahead and adjust it up and see if it will stay stable. It's always the best idea if you can add a calibrated thermometer to check that the readout is actually accurate, it very often isn't. Even in super expensive incubators like Brinsea.

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