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Apr 18, 2010
Hillsborough, NC USA
I was wondering, if I got this little incubator, would people sell me fewer eggs at a time? I see lots of them sold as dozens with "extras" would people sell fewer of them, even if I paid the price for the whole dozen?
I have a Brinsea Mini Advance, which hold seven eggs and I have had no trouble purchasing 7 or fewer eggs. I once had someone, who I told I only had room for 7, send me 12!! Good thing my Silkie was broody, b/c I put her right to work with the five least promising looking eggs!
I've gotten as many eggs as offered in auctions, up to 18 (which sure made me grit my teeth because there was NO way I could get another incubator in time to incubate those extras). I have ONLY mentioned the incubator I use and contacted BYC sellers to say I can only use 7, in case they'd like to sell a few to someone else, too. When it's 10, or 6+ or so, I don't mention it at all. That way I get a couple extra "just in case" there is shipping damage.

I now have plenty of incubators, and I'm working on scheduling my purchases more sensibly, but for a while I was so sadly disposing of eggs I couldn't incubate. (My dogs and the chickens enjoyed them, cooked up for some meals. And a cat got hers raw.)
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You can totally ask sellers to sell you a smaller package. But, I have the mini and I would put as many as 10 or 11 eggs in there without the turner and manually turn them for the first few days, 3 times a day. Then, I take out the ones that don't develop, bad shipping whatever. That way, you end up with at least 7 developing nicely and I put the automatic turner back in to do the rest of the days.
Good idea! Thanks!
I recently had 15 eggs in my Brinsea. Of course 12 were coturnix and 3 were button quail. The quail egg turner has space for 12 eggs. I stuck the tiny button quail eggs in the center and hand turned those 3-4 times a day (well, okay, whenever I thought of it, but at least 2-3 times every day...) All three button quail eggs hatched and thrived. The coturnix eggs did okay, too.
I have a Mini Advance incubator, I have never had a problem with people not sending me eggs. Sometimes people have a few extras lying around that they send me for free, I just pay shipping.

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