Brinsea Octagon 20 Brooder is on back order.

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    May 21, 2011
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    Last week I was on hoping that they had their Octagon series of Brooders , and they did.:caf :weee

    I immediately ordered the 20 Brooder to try out for my new flock of babies arriving next Tuesday.:yiipchick

    Ive heard and read alot of good reviews about them.

    Bummer, I get an email just now that they are "Back ordered til the end of the month ".:barnie

    Ill have to use the ole red heat lamp for a bit until I do get it.

    I hope that the babies will take to the Octagon since they will have had the red heat lamp . ?:idunno

    Just wanted to give ya'll a heads up if wanting to order one.

    Now this is for the Octagon 20, so I dont know if they are out of the Octagon 50 , plus , I ordered directly from Brinsea, so I also dont know if other companies have them or not.

    " Happy Chickening " :cd

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