Brinsea Octagon 40 Advance egg turner issues

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  1. Kraeuterelfe

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    Mar 27, 2012

    we are using a Brinsea Octagon 40 Advance with automatic egg turner and humidity pump for hatching chicken or duck eggs.

    The first turner stopped working in the middle of the second hatch.
    All of a sudden he would move a tiny bit, 'click' and fall back, without leaving his original position.
    We disconnected him from the power, tried to move it by hand over the stopping point, plugged back in...same result.

    Brinsea customer service was not too happy, but send a replacement within a week.
    Pointing out that the warranty for the turner would not renew and end at it's original date.

    Luckily we still had our old one, which we used as the back up (different brand).

    The new (probably refurbished) turner, finished the hatch without giving us any more grief.

    Now we are at day 2 of the third hatch and I am sure you can guess it ..... here we go again!

    The turner stopped working....again, this time without making any noises.

    Standing on a flat surface, lots of space around, not being played with, not overloaded, equal amount of eggs in both trays....but still.....refusing to do, what he is suppose to do = turn!

    Seriously?? This is not the cheapest unit and we are pretty disappointed and frustrated.

    It can not be normal that the turner has to get replaced every 1.5 hatches?!?!

    Glad, we kept the back-up from a different company.

    What are your experiences with this turner?

    Any suggestions besides contacting Brinsea again or getting rid of the whole thing?
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  2. Graham 185

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    Jul 19, 2015
    I am experiencing the same sort of problems. The incubator unit is great, but I have doubts after two turner break downs in only three hatches. First the motor mechanism fell to bits. The NZ distributor was great. He sent me a new warranty part in under 24 hours. Now the other end of the turner has broken. The peg the incubator rotates on just snapped off. I can also hear a click click inside the motor end, so will be sending it back for checking after this hatch. I have not put a full load of eggs in the unit yet, so wonder what will happen when it gets a lot heavier. I do make sure it is balanced

    I am always a bit reluctant to take too much notice of complaints on the internet. Thinking logically, Brinsea must sell thousands of these, because the incubator itself is very good. So far there is very little in the way of complaints in this forum, so perhaps it is just bad luck and not a major fault with the design. It has a two year warranty so that gives me some confidence. A little less plastic in the mechanism would make me more confident though.
  3. Graham 185

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    Jul 19, 2015
    I have found what is causing the unit to click.The long arm on the cam wheel catches when it goes behind the wheel as part of its rotation. Greasing the arm (use non petroleum based grease) stops the clicking. There is a very soft clicking /creaking sound now coming from the gearing, but that is no real problem. At least you know it is working. Until I greased the arm my machine was slowly grinding plastic off the arm as it caught on the wheel. That is how I found it. I traced the plastic dust to the source.
  4. dbart

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    Feb 18, 2016
    i have the same problem.
    where can i buy a turning motor for octagon 20?
    can you help me?

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