Brinsea Octagon Advance 20

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    I have had my Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance with Autoturn Cradle for about a year now, and it is very clean. I believe I have hatched a total of 4 batches of eggs in it, and cleaned it thoroughly with distilled water between every hatch.

    It is really too big for my needs, and I tend to use my Mini Advance far more often for the small batches of eggs I set.

    It has never had any problems, and works wonderfully. All of the original parts are there with no damage.

    Generally, I have hatched my own eggs with around a 90% success rate, and shipped eggs come through with around 70%.

    This package includes the Incubator and the Autoturn cradle - just set eggs, make sure your water reservoirs are about half full, and watch it rock away. this one does ALL the work for you except candling. You can observe hatch progress really well in these, and despite complaint reviews, the headspace is exactly the same as in the Brinsea Minis - I've measured it.

    I usually hatch only chicken eggs. We did set a few peacock eggs in this a few months back for fun, and that worked fine too.

    I still have the original box for the incubator and cradle, so I can ship it in that. Shipping will be around $20, probably. < This set is sold for around $400, usually.
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    Do u still have this

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