Brinsea Ova-Easy 190 Cabinet Incubator LIKE NEW! + FREE HUMIDITY PUMP!

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    Like New OVA-EASY 190 ADVANCE CABINET INCUBATOR!!! And I'm throwing in A FREE Humidity pump!!!
    I can ship this in it's original box but buyer would have to see how much that would cost... It may have to go as freight since it weighs 44 pounds and is 32.5” x 16.5” x 19" and I believe that is for the unit alone and the box is about a inch bigger all around... It would also need insurance since it is fragile with the glass door and all...

    I bought this incubator three months ago and have used it very little... I have been loosing all my birds to preditors and so am not going to need it as planned. It is in like new condition and works perfect!!! I loved it and you are sure to have great success with this fool proof incubator... I am also including the humidity pump that will connect to your unit so you do not have to keep refilling the resivor inside... The humidity pump cost me $130 and the 190 cost me $750 plus tax and over $100 for shipping, it all came to over $1000 when all was said and done... so this is a great deal!!! I also have extra tubing for the humidity pump and a brand new sponge for the water tray so you will not need to buy anything at all.... If you are wanting the easiest to use incubator this is definately it!!! LOVE IT!!!

    Manufactures description:

    Latest version - now factory assembled and with new menu driven digital controls.

    Like its larger brother, the OVA-Easy 190 Advance incubator is designed to offer the best possible performance at very reasonable price. Each aspect of the design has been reviewed with this objective in mind to ensure that no other incubator available can give you so many healthy chicks for so little money.


    Now factory assembled - ready right out of the box
    Digital display of temperature and humidity
    Automatic temperature control in °F or °C fully factory calibrated
    High and low temperature alarms
    Programmable automatic egg turning - 30 to 180 minute intervals
    High performance, flexible incubator with integral hatcher.
    Large capacity, e.g. 192 hens eggs (including 48 integral hatching tray)
    Clear, double-glazed observation door
    Sturdy metal frame, energy efficient, insulated cabinet
    Unique ‘laminar airflow’ to eliminate cold spots.
    2 year warranty
    INCLUDED FREE set of 3 universal egg trays with adjustable dividers to accommodate a wide range of egg sizes simultaneously Plus 1 covered hatching tray to prevent hatchlings from escaping. A $90 value included absolutely free.
    Performance and ease of use

    Four small fans blowing air in laminar flow around the egg chamber provide much better temperature distribution than a single, large fan. This approach, coupled with the high levels of insulation mean that temperature is extremely evenly distributed throughout the egg chamber, ensuring good hatch rates, time after time.

    Eggs are held in removable trays and the user can configure their incubator to their needs by the choice of trays available. Universal trays are adjustable for egg size from quail through to goose eggs and are supplied as standard. For maximum capacity of a certain species, egg inserts are available separately for hens, pheasant and quail.

    Eggs are initially set in three levels and are then moved to a large, removable hatching tray at the base of the chamber for the final stages of incubation and hatching. An optional wire hatching tray cover is available to prevent the chicks escaping from the tray.

    The convenient control panel allows the user to adjust the temperature, humidity/ventilation and turning easily. Temperature is shown on a calibrated digital display on the front of the panel and can be finely adjusted with the 20 turn spindle.The fully automatic turning can be switched off from the control panel while the eggs are being accessed or the incubator cleaned.

    Construction – flat-pack, durable, energy efficient

    The Ova-Easy incubators have a fully protected steel chassis which is rigid and rust resistant with laminated high density polystyrene sides providing good thermal insulation and a smooth, easy to clean surface. The transparent, double glazed door provides thermal insulation plus the convenience of total visibility of eggs and hatching chicks.

    The incubator is supplied as a part assembly with the cabinet frame, wall panels and egg turning parts to be assembled by the user. No special technical knowledge or tools are required and all electrical parts are all pre-assembled leaving the user to construct the cabinet following the clear diagrams.

    Technical Specification

    Construction: Rust resistant steel chassis with polystyrene laminate panels

    Weight: 190 - 20Kg (44lbs)

    Power Consumption:
    200 Watts max, 100 Watts typical average.


    190 - 820 x 420 x 480mm (32.5” x 16.5” x 19”) HxWxD

    Electrical supply:
    230V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz as specified.

    In order that we continue our policy of innovation and improvement we reserve the right to alter the specification without notice

    Maximum setting egg capacities (approx.)


    FREE Humidity Pump Description:

    Specifically designed to work seamlessly with the Ova-Easy ADVANCE cabinet incubators and the new TLC-40 and 50 ADVANCE parrot brooders this humidity pump includes a peristaltic pump and an external water reservoir which eliminates the chances of water in the incubator or brooder harboring bacteria.

    The unit stands beside the incubator or brooder and is connected to it by an electrical lead and a flexible tube for water supply.

    Humidity settings are controlled directly from the incubator's or brooder's intuitive digital menu and the achieved relative Humidity (RH) is continuously shown on the incubator’s or brooder's digital display.

    The Ova-Easy ADVANCE cabinet incubators or the new TLC ADVANCE brooders, coupled with the Humidity Pump effectively maintains the humidity level precisely at the level the user sets irrespective of changes in room humidity and so overcomes problems that can commonly lead to eggs failing to hatch – especially in the latest stages of incubation or dehydration of young birds.


    I have also placed a small keyed lock on the incubator door just incase you have children that may open the incubator while you are not looking.... It is a life


    The 190 is under the manufactures warranty for a further 20 months or if anything malfunctions you can have them fix it as their warranty allows.... Since I am the origianl purchaser I will be happy to help you file a claim if needed if you need to on the warranty...


    Pick Up Only unless you are willing to pay extra for shipping it...

    Call for pick up details.... 816-293-5155 Kristina

    Manufacturer pic of incubator, mine looks the same...

    Manufacturers pic of humidity pump, mine is the same...
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