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    Apr 26, 2017
    So I am brand new to incubating. After a long search and saving, I purchased a Brinsea Ovation 28 Eco. It arrived the day the mailed eggs did and I was able to set it up and test it for a few hours, but not as long as I liked. I got a Sensorpush Bluetooth device a few days later and placed it into the floor of the unit. The incubator's thermometer was reading 99.3 F and I was shocked on day 8 that the SensorPush was reading 95.7 F. I candeled and I found that I have good development so far. I tested the SensorPush multiple places against 3 different thermometers and humidity sensors and it was spot on. I called Brinsea and they started to walk me through resetting and calibrating the unit, but when I told them that this was the Eco, they said it couldn't be reset. He told me just to know the adjustment level and increase or decrase the unit accordingly. He also said they do their testing one inch above the floor and at the level of the 2nd and 3rd row.

    So here are the things I know.
    1. I really like the unit.
    2. My machine is roughly 1.5-2 degrees too low in reading the temp.
    3. If I would have to do again, I would buy the advanced system or the one that regulates the humidity also ( they are more expensive).
    4. It holds humidity really well. Without water in it, and my house being at 40% humidity, it is reading about 30%. With any water in it, it runs 65-75 %.
    5. I also would have bought the bigger unit -56
    6. I Love Incubating Eggs and can't wait to see what happens. [​IMG]
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    Is your unit that low in temp reading? Placement of thermometer makes a difference. Is this a still air? If a fan unit how good is the air flow?

    They said to take your reading 1 inch off the floor of incubator. You said you took the reading on the bottom of it. There will be a difference.

    I see it does have a fan. Take the reading at the level of eggs, mid way of eggs height away from edge and corner of unit. I'd not turn up the temp until you know what temp the eggs are at. Mid way of egg level an egg or two away from outside edge will give you an accurate assessment of egg temp to adjust or not from there.
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    Apr 26, 2017

    Sorry I didn't make it clear.
    I did originally have it on the front wall. I then put it in the first egg tray and it was still low. Then moved it to the second egg tray and still low. It changed about one degree across the whole unit in the different spots.

    It is fan driven.

    Sorry I didn't state that in the original post. Thanks for the insight.

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