Brinsea owners: humidity question


11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Montpelier, Virginia
Hi all..I've got a new Brinsea Eco 20 that I'm in love with. I've got staggered hatches going in 2 bators and just moved 14 developed eggs from the hovabator to the Brinsea (that has been running for 2 days to assure temp/humidity) for lockdown. Before I moved them I filled both wells as per the instructions, but only got to 62% humidity. I then stuck in a paper towel partially in 1 well for more surface area, and it didn't change much.. It seems to be holding at 62.. Should I just leave it and not worry, or try to raise it? If I should raise it, what's the best way with these bators?

I use humidity pads. Got them on Ebay.

I'd say 62 would probably be fine though.
I just now saw the other thread with someone else in almost the same position as me.. A maxi pad was suggested, or a sponge. I think I'll let it sit tonight and then see where it is in the am. (that'll be just 10 hours into lockdown, so hopefully there won't be any pips yet!) I'd feel better if I could hit 65+...
Right now it's between 1/3 and 1/2 open. When they start hatching I'm sure I'll need to open it more.. But I need to re-check the directions to see what Brinsea recommends for airflow during hatch.

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