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Brineas are pretty great and really you don't need any tips for them like you do with other cheaper incubators like the styrofoam ones. They're pretty much set and forget. I will be able to give one tip though - if you have trouble getting the humidity up for lockdown, you can trail a paper towel out from one of the water reservoirs and across the floor to create more water surface area. That's what I do in mine :) Also, don't fill the reservoirs all the way up when you're going to be turning it during the first part of incubation - if you fill them completely and then tip the incubator to turn it, they will overflow and run out. There are little holes in the Brinea to let the water out if this happens so whatever you have it sitting on will get soaked.

But that's really it, otherwise they're great and you can pretty much let them do their thing on their own.


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Hi I'm getting a Brinsea 20 Advance without the humidity pump for Christmas. Are there any tips or tricks that can help me?
The humidity pump is a joke. I got the uber expensive all digital one with the pump and I used it a handful of times before disconnecting it and going to manual humidity.

The good thing is you can fill one of the wells in the bottom and it keeps humidity around 50-55%. If you fill both of the wells up it will bump you up to 75-80%. It is a pain to clean, so I never use it to hatch out. I always pull at day 18-19 and use a hatcher. I have a Reptipro 6000 that makes a great hatcher.

I was getting a late hatch out of my Brinsea Octogon20 consistently, so I ran 4 different thermometers and then got the Brinsea spot digital thermometer and found it wasn't calibrated correctly. It was running a degree lower than what it said on the digital read out. Easy enough to correct. I run it at 100.3 F now.

Other than that, great incubator. If you get the autoturner, watch the screws on the side to make sure they don't come lose on the motor end. This happened to me 6 months after I bought it. I sent it back to Brinsea and they replaced it. So far no trouble out of the new one.

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