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    I am selling off all of my little hova-bators and my large cabinet incubator and buying one, "nice" incubator to incubate about two dozen eggs at once. Since the birth of my daughter, I realized I won't have the time any time soon for hatching out hundreds of chicks, ducklings and goslings so the cabinet is too big and takes up too much space and after years of so-so hatches with hovabators, I've decided to invest in either a Brinsea or an R-Com to concentrate on higher hate rates in smaller numbers.

    So which is better?

    I'm looking around the $400.00 price range--with auto-turners. I would need to hatch chicks, ducklings and goslings.

    Any experience/advice/tips would be helpful. :)

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    Apr 30, 2010
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    I have a Brinsea Eco 20 with the turner. When I got it about one year ago, I had never hatched eggs before. It is so simple--I have had 85-90% hatching of up to 24 eggs at one time. The temperature is really easy to keep consistent. Just a good, easy, reliable machine--easy to clean--and affordable, too You could get an even more advanced Brinsea for $400, also...
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    Thank you!

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