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Hi all, my name is Shanti and I live in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, QLD with my hubby, 3 daughters (14, 12 and 9) and our staffy and 2 cats. Keeping backyard chickens is quite common around here (council allows up to 6 backyard fowl as long as there are no roosters) and it's something that I have always wanted to do. It finally seems to be the right time for us to add a small flock to our family but my husband was less than keen (to say the least). So for the last month or so we have been having "chicken wars" (more negotiations than fights :) but as of today they are finally OVA (get it? Ova being latin for eggs... Sorry, daggy Mum joke :) and he has agreed to put up with them (he'll be in love with them in no time - he's that guy)

We only have a smallish suburban yard so are going to start small, with two or three chickens, with the possibility of adding a couple more later if it seems right. I'll be posting a query about whether to start with two or three in the "Managing your flock" section soon (hope that's the right place for it) so any advice would be appreciated.

Looking forward to "meeting" y'all :)

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