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    For ten years the British Hen Welfare Trust is promoting better living conditions for commercial hens by educating bitish consumers, working with the egg indurstry and rehoming spent hens.
    And in the last ten years they often shared the experience of so many of us, who have a hen that is somehow not right, that is ill or injured and the bitter reality that vets often don't care to even look at our babys or -if the want to help - are often clueless.
    The multiple theard that are cries for help here in this forum show that this is not only a problem in Britain. It happens everywhere. And, this is why I love often someone here can help, but I think it's good to know that there is someone else online that can help, too. Here you can finde the contact information for help and advice and if you can, please, support them with a donation.
    ... and to all the vets and vet tech out there: We need more poultry friendly vet hospitals! Only because you can buy a chicken for 2 Dollars doen't mean it's only worth 2 Dollars!

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