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    Has anyone raised and cooked a broad breasted turkey. We raised our first turkeys this year. They were bronze broad breasted. MY dh did the deed and jits in the freezer weighing in at 26 pounds. Heres my question I have looked in 5 different cook books for times to cook I have fie different times The last one said 15-17 minutes per pound. 15 minutes means 6 1/2 hours That sounds about right but Im worried that with the extra broad breast it will take longer than usual. Has anyone ever cooked one of these birids? Does it take longer than the usual sized breasted brids? thanks for your help Micki
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    The most general rule is to roast until the thickest part, usually deep in the thigh, reaches 185 degrees. For a 26lb bird expect to roast and baste for minimum of 6 hours (or more).
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    I prefer to use the Reynolds Oven Bags to all that basting stuff.

    Or, you could use Grandmas method. Pack the cavity with pop-corn seeds. When the turkeys butt explodes, that means it's done.
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    I raise my broad breasteds, and yes they do take just a bit longer than grocery store birds, but only by about half an hour overall.
    Last year, we did a 25 pound hen and it took about 6 hours. I stuck a thermometer in the thigh while cooking, but you can also buy the pop-up timers at some grocery stores for your bird.

    The best part... they are well worth the extra cooking time! Amazing, best turkey you and all of your guests have ever tasted!

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