Brock Homestead

Brock Homestead

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Jul 28, 2017

I am Andrea and am a member of the Brock Homestead! My husband, Will, is the one with the ideas that have led to the homestead and I am the one who worries about it all!!

Last year we added 6 chickens to our homestead. We now have 5, as one turned out to be a ROO!! Someone didn't like his talking at 4:00 am and "turned us in" for a noise ordinance, so he had to leave :(
The "littles" (7 and 5 1/2) helped us pick out the flock. We have 1 White Leghorn "Charlie", 2 Rhode Island Reds "Noni" "Butterscotch", 1 East Egger "Bessie"! They love kitchen scraps and will "call" for them daily!!

Our Homestead has the following...

30 3-week old meat chickens that are living in the green house and doing well! They are loud, smelly and super cute (although they are beginning to enter that award stage)...

2 rabbits (hopefully a few more by the end of this week). The 2 big rabbits are our breeders "Dad" and "Tiki".

We are working on our garden for seasonal veggies and new fruit trees, so it will be a busy year! Here's to chicken and rabbit manure...grow, grow, grow!!

We are always looking for new ideas and ways to make the chores easier!!

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