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    Jan 25, 2009
    Well spring is in the air at least for us. The clover is growing; picking strawberries; and suppose to be in the mid 60's all week.

    So I am looking to order or at least reserve my place in line for some broiler chicks
    Problem is freedom rangers closed down a while back so I have lost my source for chicks.
    I raised some cornish X chicks last year and still regret that move. I should have know better because they are the reason I went to freedom rangers in the first place.

    So where do I go from here.
    I am looking for a slow to medium growing broiler that will free range well; can take the heat; and does not grow so fast it has leg and other problems.

    My local hatchery (Ideal) has a red and black broiler but they claim 6lbs in 7 weeks or less. Does not sound much different than the white cross.

    Did some searching on the net and found your forum.

    Found out that a Amish farmer from WI was supplying freedom rangers with chicks but do not know if he is still selling or where.

    Have read that J. M. Hatchery in PA has replaced freedom rangers but do not know much about their chicks and even if you do like their chicks you have to order a random assortment because they will not separate by breed. I would really like to find and stick to a cross that I know will work for me.

    Yankee Chicks, Inc/Hall Brothers Hatchery is suppose to be selling a Hubbard chick in the U.S. called Redbro but seems they are just resellers and not a hatchery and do not have a web site to look at.

    So if anyone has any ideas or leads I can use I will be very thankful.
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  2. Brunty_Farms

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    Apr 29, 2007
    Go with JM a lot of people on here raise them and like his stock. They are ready in about 10-12 weeks.

    Good luck.

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