Broiler Feed for chicks?


8 Years
Mar 5, 2011
I just brought home my first batch of chicks yesterday and wanted to make sure what I was feeding them was okay. The Feed store that I purchased the chicks at was out of organic starter feed, but the salesman told me that the broiler feed was basically the same thing, it was just not as finely ground. I have been grinding up the broiler feed and the chicks seems to be enjoying it, but I just wanted to make sure that it was okay for them to eat and that it was supplying them with the appropriate nutrients. I am planning on raising these chicks to be layers, so plan to switch over to a layer feed in the next couple of months.

Any insight is appreciated.


9 Years
Jun 20, 2010
South Carolina
I can't advise on the broiler feed, but you don't want to start layer feed until they are laying or very close to POL. Layer feed has too much calcium for growing chicks. They'll need a grower feed from around 7-8 weeks until they are at POL.

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