Broke college student seeks laptop advice :)


11 Years
Mar 16, 2008
Hello my fellow BYC'ers!

I'm really frustrated right now because my two-year old Acer Aspire 5517 laptop is well. . .on the fritz. But I'm wondering if there is anyone on here, my fellow chicken lovers, who can shed some light on what's wrong with it or maybe if I'm doing something wrong.

I got this computer as a graduation present from high school and now I am a second year student in college. I'm a person who is always on the computer, but I make sure to try to condition my battery to the best of my ability despite the short charge life of one two hours on a good day..Lol. It is critical I have a laptop of my own and this one has served me well, but today it refused to hold charge. It refused to even show the light on the front of the computer that says it's charging or not. When the computer would finally hold some charge and I turned it on, it showed very little battery power. I have to use someone else's charger, my roomie's, because my other won't charge the battery without being held by my hand in place.

So it's telling me it's the charger that is the problem..But has anyone else had this problem? Is it really the charger or could it be the battery or the charge port? I'm definitely confused and do not wanna have to buy a whole new laptop, so I'm looking for some help. Are my thoughts correct?

Thanks for any and all help, my friends :) I appreciate all opinions and helping, typing hands.
I have had my HP Laptop for 3 years, and 4 months ago I had to buy a new battery. I think the batteries aren't made to last but 2-3 years at best. But it sounds like it could be the charger in your case. I would buy a new charger first. If your battery charges fine on a new (or a friend's) charger then that was it. If it still won't hold a charge then you need a new battery. I got my new battery on eBay, you can get them pretty cheap there. Probably the charger too.
Batteries on laptops tend only to last 2 years or so before they are basically useless. I always have my laptop plugged in, as a fellow poor college student here can't bear to fork out the money for a new battery.
Yes, one of my many objections to laptops. Since the OP has neglected to tell us where he is, I can't be of much help. If he were here in Austin I'd suggest the Goodwill Computer Store. The last time I was down there they had a whole bin full of various chargers for ~$7.50 each.
If you are living on campus at a university, do they have an on campus computer store? My son got his laptop at freshman orientation and it did him for four and a half years, (he was a double major and had to do a semester of student teaching.) He had one major "spilled-his-drink-on-the-keyboard" disaster, and also developed a battery-charge issue. The school computer store was great with the spill...he bought it from them and it was still under warrantee. With the battery, he just had to keep it plugged in more often. If it is the charger, could you get one on line, used? Another thing I had to keep reminding him was to use the "utilites" more often. Do a disk clean up, or a defragmentation, virus scans...any thing you can to make sure it runs at its optimal capacity. Oh, and invest in a good usb portable flash drive to back up all your work RELIGIOUSLY. And what ever you do.....don't put it through the washing machine the night before your first teaching observation! Learned that one the hard way.

Thanks, you guys! I think I'm gonna hit up eBay or Amazon for a charger first and then a battery. Now, fully charged, my battery like is only 39 minutes. Wowsers. Sounds like it's time for a new battery, alright :p Thanks, everyone!

I wish my campus had a computer store! They have a bookstore and they sell everything from textbooks to printers, but not actual laptops. I checked Amazon and I saw my charger for cheap brand new..Just gotta wait on getting paid to get it now :p

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