Broken beak


Feb 26, 2020
Southeastern Ontario, Canada

Bertha broke her beak today! In a matter of a few hours she went from being totally ok to this. There was nothing hanging off in order to do a repair. The blood is extremely fresh, almost as if it happened just before I walked in the door. I currently have her isolated in a dog crate in the coop, because I noticed the others started to peck the raw area. She has some water and food mixed with water to make it a little easier for her to eat. Shes pecked around a little but doesnt seem all the interested at the moment, I'm.sure shes in some degree of pain.
I cleaned the beak off with some epsom salt water, I have no vetericyn but would triple antibiotic neosporin be ok until I can run into town tomorrow?? I dont want to separate her completely from the flock so is keeping her in the cage within the coop alright until she heals up or at least can be supervised while socializing??


In the Brooder
Jun 10, 2020
Oh no! I hope someone more experienced has answers for you, because I’m on the newer side of things but from personal experience, I’ve heard it’s okay to use antibiotics like neosporin but I’ve never tried it. And the cage is a good idea as long as she can’t hurt herself or get more hurt from it or the others. Best of luck!


Jun 12, 2020
Ok don't freak out, one of my silkies did the too, it will take awhile but it will grow back the best it can. Just monitor it to make sure it grows well.

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