Broken feather (with blood) on feathered foot. Hurts.

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    Jul 18, 2009
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    Last week I got 2 bantam Sultans (about 3 mos. old). Yesterday I noticed one was holding her foot up quite a bit. I picked her up and inspected her foot and she's got a broken feather. It's a rather thick feather at the base and there is blood. Now, I just brought out their favorite treat, corn on the cob, and she's not eating it. Just holding her foot up and inspecting it and pecking at it a bit. I can see she's in pain and I want to help. I think maybe I'll bring her (and her sister)inside, in a crate, and keep an eye on her. This way she'll be much more likely to keep it clean. Is there anything I can put on it? Like peroxide? I'm scared of infection. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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    You'll want to make sure that you keep the blood washed off, or she will continue to peck at it.

    I just had to ask so, this is what I found out. You can only give them aspirin for pain. 1 tablet per gallon of water.

    I put antibiotic ointment on mines foot and it made him peck worse. So, I just kept it washed off really good.
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    get a pair of toothed forceps if you have them; if not use some pliers or if you have a REALLY good grip, even a pair of tweezers and pull out the broken blood feather. It'll continue to hurt & aggravate if you don't remove it. Get a FIRM grip on the feather right at the base of the shaft and give a quick pull IN THE DIRECTION OF THE FEATHER GROWTH (support/hold the leg/foot so you're not jerking on the whole leg, just the feather). The follicle should seal right up. I haven't done this on chickens, but I've done it numerous times on my cockatiels when they break a blood feather. Since the blood supply is VERY good in the blood feathers, a 'tiel can actually bleed to death if the bleeding isn't stopped either by a coagulant or by removing the broken feather.
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  4. thecochincoop

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    buy some styptic powder for dog nails and pull the feather out with tweezers. put the powder on the spot and apply pressure untillit stops. it will keep bleeding with the broken stub
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    Flour or corn starch works fairly well for styptic powder, in a pinch. I would also use the kind for people if I had any.
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    What thecochincoop and crtlovr said.

    Yes, it will be uncomfortable, yes, it will bleed, but it's easier to stop a small flesh wound than a blood feather. Just be quick and deliberate when pulling the feather. Then inspect the end of the feather you pull to be sure it's smooth and intact, leaving a piece in there can result in a gusher.

    I have had to do this a lot on my quaker parakeet and cockatoos. They get over it.

    Then, quickstop (styptic powder)

    Good luck [​IMG] It's not fun the first time, but realize you're doing it for their own good. Otherwise, exactly what ctrlovr said, they could potentially bleed to death.
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    Jul 18, 2009
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    Thank you all for your replies. I do have some quickstop from when my dog pulled out a bunch of my cockatiels' tail feathers. I'll have my husband help me when he gets home. I'm just sooo not looking forward to hurting the little girl!! But I do know she'll get some relief from it. Thanks again.
  8. thecochincoop

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    It will only hurt for a second. Just get a good firm grip with tweezers and pull hard and quick. It will feel a lot better when it's out. Kind of like pulling a big thick eyebrow.
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  9. DooryardChickens

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    Jul 18, 2009
    New Hampshire
    Done... And a job well done. She's fine. Stopped the bleeding immediately. Thanks to all.
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    May 15, 2009
    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I love learning on this site. I never would have thought to pull out the base of the blood feather but the more I think about it the more it makes sense.

    Good work dooryardchickens! I loved the line 'stopped bleeding immediately'

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