Broken Foot... I think...


7 Years
Mar 17, 2012
My cochin (got it in March) has what I believe it be a broken food... She started limping a week ago and I hoped she just injured it slightly and it would get better on it's own (as my mom's did), but it is just getting worse... There's nothing to be done right? Just end her misery? She just sits there between the water bowl and the food bowl for most of the time... Obviously hurting though... (Her sister had the same thing happen and I don't know how either of them were injured... Not signs of something attacking whatsoever...)
I would let her heal on her own. She has positioned herself optimally to access both feed and water. As long as she maintains access to resources she should heal a simple fracture in a matter of about a month. A displaced fracture is a different story. A displaced fracture will either need to be set and splinted, or the bird should be culled.

I am sorry. Good luck.
I can't feel anything wrong... No swelling or blood... She does squawk or anything when I touch her leg in any place... I assumed broken (the other definitely was)... This one can get to the food and water no problem and still leaps up to roost and everything... But just looks so painful!

Thank you! I'll try to let her "relax" for a while and not doing anything drastic. I wish I knew what was causing these injuries!
Do you have any larger birds in with your chickens? I have geese that tend to damage legs.

Could your roosts be too high? I had to lower mine to accommodate my elderly, fat GLW.

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