broken hip AND deep dog bite - your prognosis?

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    Sep 28, 2016
    i've read through LOTS of posts and am SO very grateful for everything i've read here.
    it's wonderful to have such good direction on what i can do for our little gal.
    dog attack of this black sex link laying hen happened Monday afternoon (i'm posting this on Wednesday morning).

    what i've done for the dog bite puncture:
    - thorough search for all bites (found one deep, on her back near the kidneys and one minor just up from it)
    - thorough wash w/Betadine & warm water
    - WoundSeal (hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate) into the blood in the wound to form a good scab
    - antimicrobial silver wound gel around it
    - Neosporin on it too
    - masking tape lightly over the nearby feathers which keeps her from pecking at it

    what i've done for her nutrition (she's eating all of it):
    - sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, & mealworms first day
    - syringed water mixed with avian formula supplement and a pinch of powdered aspirin
    - a mixture of plain yogurt, raw egg white, crumbles, raw apple cider vinegar, plus everything from the first day

    and now for the leg:
    - it's completely limp from the hip down
    - she flaps her wings, but doesn't stand at all
    - toes won't grasp

    i've got her on a towel on the countertop in an unused bathroom.
    she's alert,
    sleeping okay,
    hasn't clucked since the dog attack,
    did lay an egg yesterday,
    pooping okay,
    comb doesn't feel feverish,
    no signs of wound infection,
    BUT, .....
    i am more worried about the hip.

    my misgivings are: i can't be here during the day to do anything for her, and her body is fighting two major injuries.

    your thoughts?

    thank you,
    Martine ("Maybelline" is my fav RIR!)
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    Hi [​IMG] Welcome To BYC

    It's sounds like you are taking very good care of her.

    Do you think the hip/leg is broken? Can you take her to a vet for an x-ray?

    It's possible since she was attacked by a dog she may have suffered some crushing/internal injuries or nerve damage which can cause paralysis/immobility of the legs as well. There's just no way to know without a vet taking a look.

    When you are not home, you may want to place her on the floor or inside a cage just so she feels more secure (not on the countertop). When you are home you may want to consider placing her in a sling for short periods of time, this will get her more upright and hopefully she can stand for a while on her good leg with the sling support. Some chickens will not tolerate being in a sling, so she will have to be monitored.

    Here's some photos of slings to give you some ideas:


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