Broken leg hen in a sling, can:will she lay her eggs?

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    Hi, I was out and a rooster rushed my hen caught her off guard and broke her leg, high up. She is doing well with eating and drinking. I put her in a sling to make her more comfortable and help her leg as seen on other posts. My question is: will she be able to lay her egg? She did lay one egg and one broken egg the same day, but she some how managed to get out of the sling and tied herself up in the sling. Of course, her broken leg was all tangled in the sling. So saddened to hind her like that. I was confused to see two eggs. And of course one was broken. Additionally, since that day she hasn't layed. I just don't want her to become bound up. Thanks!
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    You can stop her from laying by keeping her in a dark cage overnight for 16 hours a day and reducing her protein and feed slightly. It can take 2-3 days. Femur fractures are difficult to treat successfully. I hope she recovers, and please update us on her condition. This link has some good info about how to handle fractures, splinting, and prognosis of certain fractures:

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