Broken toenail/toe? Now standing on one foot....

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    One of my chickens who just started laying a few weeks ago started limping yesterday, this is a buff bantm brahma ... i checked it and its main toenail on one foot is totally bent back and the toe tip is swollen.

    what can i do? i do not know how this happened... its one of my favorite one because it follows me around everywhere.

    i do not think there are any vets in this area that deal with poultry....

    any pain killer i could give it? i do not see any external bleeding to put neosporin on....
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    Perhaps you could put a little splint on it? Or trim up the toenail? You could wrap the chicken in a towel or burlap bag, and cover it's will remain calm and docile while you do that. If there is a cut, liquid bandage works really well on chicken skin.
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    i will post a picture later today..... the nail is not hanging off... just bent back at 90 degrees...
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    i got pics of it....

    i think they are thumbnail images but if you click on it it should enlarge.....

    i found the hen this morning on the roost and couldn't get down. it slept on the roost on one foot all night... and couldn't get down with one foot... so i set it down next to food and water...
    i took these pics this morning.. i won't beable to ten to the chicken till this afternoon after classes (college student)..... but while i am in town i could buy supplies to help it. should i buy at the feed store some of that no bleed powder? would i have to remove the nail completely? would it grow back???


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    alright. i went to the feed store and a person there had a chicken with a bad tow once (but not like mine.... just a broken toe)

    she said to cut it off. so i got the wound powder and some water soulble antibiotics and also stopped by my dog vet for an opinion from a picture.

    he thinks it was broken. he gave me som lorzacane to numb it for a few minutes before i was going to. mom showed up and she cut it for me while my boyfriend held it tight. then i put tons of powder on it after it bled. the chicken walked on its foot right away....

    so we isolated the chicken in a tractor with some antibiotic water and a little mix of food (layer, scratch, protein feed for roosters)
    i might leave it in there for the night if it doesn't go below 40, cause i know how chickens are about the smell of blood...... and my coop is not clean compared to the lawn.....

    so that is the update, the toenail is cut clean off.

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