Bronze penhen lays brown eggs?

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    Just wondering if anyone else with a bronze peahen gets brown eggs from her? I took a few pics up next to some other peahen eggs to show how clearly brown the egg is. Wasn't aware they laid brown eggs but it's actually a good thing b/c we know exactly who laid the egg without even secluding her! [​IMG] curious if anyone else with a bronze peahen also gets brown eggs or if it's just our girl?

    some pics...
    the bronze egg is in the lower right corner, the other two are a BS and a BS split to bronze.

    these two pics have a variety of other peahen eggs, pay no mind to the ultra tiny egg there (that's a RGP egg). The varieties shown here are spalding opal, white x silver pied, silver pied, purple BS, split bronze white eye and split bronze.
    in this pic the bronze eggs are in the upper right.
    in this pic the bronze eggs are in the middle of the pic.

    Very pleased to be getting another clutch of eggs from our girls, three eggs last night! We picked up a trio on Friday, pair of silver pied and a BS split to bronze peahen (thanks deerman!!). [​IMG] Came home Friday night and found a bronze peahen egg! [​IMG] then yesterday we got a BS split to bronze, bronze and BS egg! I actually watched the BS lay the egg too![​IMG]

    Just getting going with peafowl, so this is our first year hatching and up until mid June we only had the BS laying. Hatched our two BS chicks end of June, another one last night (one left to pip) and then another 2 from our BS set on the 20th. the eggs in the pics will be put in the bator today.

    I have pics of all our birds (except the new trio) on my BYC page if anyone wants to see pics.

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