Brooder ideas (pics appreciated )

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    I need to build a brooder for My quail,chicks and turkeys . Does any one have any good ideas for a brooder . Any pics would be great / My step father is a carpenter and tomarow morning he will build me a brooder he just told me to get him a pic . I will have to find a way to divide it in 3 .
  2. How many of each are you putting in the brooder???
    I have never built a brooder, but have used other things.
    Rubber maid totes work good
    So do appliance boxes like the ones from washers, dryers, frigs, freezers, dishwashers. Sometimes applance stores have them out back for the taking.
    Otherwise wooden crates from maybe a local factory, (we have one locally that makes barn fans-parts come in huge wooden crate they set out for the taking).
    Just a few other ideas of things that could be used.
    Sorry no pictures of any of these.
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    We usually start with 105 qt totes for the first week or so. The switch some larger one for the next couple of weeks. For faster growing poultry we the switch to another larger brooder or to growing pens.

    the larger brooders are made from some 2 x3 foot panel we use electric fence wire to hold then together.


    this is the panel in the taller version of the brooder. the other version we set the panels so the short side is up. In this version the pack one is the entire width, and two smaller ones in the front.

    The two smaller one I made then so the panel swings out like doors, to get to the insides easier. They also have top hatches. I don't have any picture of the smaller ones
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    May 16, 2008
    If you go to the raising baby chicks index, there's ton's of pictures on the brooder thread.

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