Brooder Lights/Heat Lamps in the house.. for US!

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    Every year we have to figure out what to do when the temps drop into the 30's because our heat pump just stops working and only blows cold air. Our bill jumps around $100 for the supplemental heat we usually use. This year, I thought.. why the heck don't we try a heat lamp like the chicks use? So... we are... we have a white one for the living room, and two red for the bedrooms and they work so great!!! They are just enough to offset the colder air circulated by the heat pump and keep us at a nice temperature.

    It only costs $6 a month per light for half the day or $12 for a whole day... we would almost never need to do the whole day but sometimes at night it just gets too chilly.

    Anyway... just thought I'd share as I bask under the glow of a warm red light... like my chicks [​IMG]


    yes, next year we will probably get a wood stove... but we have a small house... 3 bedrooms in only 1200sf... finding a place to designate the "fireplace area" is very hard to do... but I think we're close. I'd rather locate it on an inside wall, but that may be impossible to do as we only have 1 and it's a short wall.
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    That's a good idea. I remember people telling me that is the only heat they had as a kid, Was a light bulb.
    made me feel bad for them, but it keeps the pump shed from freezing, so why not us?

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