BROODER PICS PLEASE !!! :D :thumbsup

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    Jul 9, 2011
    I would love to see some pics of other people's brooders so I can redesign mine THANX for the PICS!!! IN ADVANCE of COURSE
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    Apr 21, 2010
    Issaquah, WA
    Here's my outdoor brooder. It has my new ducks in it currently.

    It's made from a Midwest Exercise Pen folded into a rectangle. It is kept on my covered porch. The porch is surrounded in clear, corregated plastic on 2 sides, my house on one side and a small area (on the far end) that is open as a 'door'. The ex-pen is attached to the porch on the sides and the bottom. 14gauge welded wire is wrapped around the top. The door is locked and has a pad lock on it. Inside it is a 30gallon plastic stock tank and a storage container for food, etc. The heat lamp moves around depending on how cold it is and how old my peeps are. I have a thermometer hanging with a digital reader in the house. For smaller ducks/chicks, I can lay a wire top across the stock tank to make sure they don't end up outside of the tank and cold. What this picture doesn't show is the tiles that surround the corners to keep the ducks from hopping over the edge and getting stuck in the corners. The best part is: it's directly outside of my sliding glass door so I can see them from the couch! *normally there isn't a blanket hanging off the edge!*

    Here is a picture from above. I have a waterbowl inside a plastic bowl that they can dip their heads fully in... trying to contain the mess a little! [​IMG] They get to take daily baths in the bathtub.
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