May 29, 2017
Has anyone used a exercise pen like the one below for a chick brooder. main issue i can see is fabric and heat, but this is also an issue with cardboard box brooders.

I could see that working as long as you place it somewhere cool like an unheated garage.
I would put another layer of plastic on the floor then add shavings.

For a source of heat for your chicks - use a heating pad instead of heat lamp - this will provide your chicks with that one warm spot they need without worrying about a heat lamp melting the fabric.

Also just a curiosity question:) Is this your first chicks ever? If so, do you have your coop/run ready? Brooding inside the coop is always an option is you have electric in it.
How many chicks do you plan on raising in there?
Good question!

@Houndsview is your chicken coop ready?
I see you are getting 10chicks. Which size exercise pen are you thinking about using?
Chicks grow very fast, so having a generous amount of room is always the way to go.
If you are getting the smallest size (29"X29") that gives you about 4sq ft of space, with a heat source, water and feed, 10 chicks will be crowded pretty quickly.

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