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    hi i will be geting seven chicks soon i am want to use a Rubbermaid my ? is what size do i need to use for this many chicks all so if any one is useing a brooder setup like this would you please post pics as i am more the hands on type if i can see a few setups pick one to use i am better with a pic aide instead of words thanks

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    [​IMG] I can't post pics, but....Countryboy1988, if you are a country boy, do you have other livestock there on the farm like we do? I used some of those black rubberized stock watering troughs; we have several different sizes. I got a heat lamp and hung it over the "brooder" and there was plenty of room for the feeder and the waterer. The chicks had enough room to mill about, and if you only have seven or so chicks, you may just get by with something that is on the small side. It just needs to be tall enough to keep out drafts and keep them from flying out once they get a bit bigger. You may have to do as I did and fix a screen to go over the top as the chicks grow bigger to keep them contained and under the heat lamp, which they will need until they get several months of age and are fully feathered and the temps outside are warm. [​IMG]
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    Do a search on "Rubbermaid brooder". There is a very recent thread on it with lots of great pics.
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    Click on my BYC page and you'll see a few pics of chicks in my Rubbermaid brooder. Just get one of the biggest ones and make some type of wire mesh lid. I made a wood frame slightly larger than the container and then stapled on the wire. You can always use the lid that comes with the container and just cut out the middle and then attach the wire. I filled mine with litter pellets and then placed a chick feeder and chick waterer in it. When the chicks were about a week or so old I put some small pieces of 4x4 inside so they would have something to jump up to. For heat I put two heat lamps over it. My brooder was in garage so the temperature varied based on the outside temp. To keep the brooder at the right temperature I'd simply turn on both or one heat lamp and then vary the height of the lamp over the brooder.

    Good luck.
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