Brooders Ready -- Chicks Due Monday (pics)! ! !


9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
Sweetwater, TN
The brooders are ready. They are 4 feet by 8 feet and 2 feet high. I have two lamps in each for the first two weeks in case one burns out.
There are 50 little ones due - 25 cornish x and 25 assorted pulletts, (hopefully to lay different color eggs) There is a 1 inch mesh wire top, but we won't use it for the first couple weeks. I really NEED to concentrate on work, but that is very hard to do.




Let us know what you think.
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They are really nice looking!

But, I'm afraid they won't be big enough to hold your 50 birds for long! If you put 25 of them in each box, you'd have less than 1/3 sq. ft. per bird. I like to have 1/2 sq. ft. with the tiny ones, and move up as they get bigger.

Any chance you can build a couple more of those beautiful boxes?

Also, I'd put the lamp a bit closer to the center. Otherwise, your heat gradient might be too steep, and the chicks will be forced to gather in one end of the box, effectively reducing their space even further....
Thanks for the info - but a 4x8 area is 32 sq ft. - so that's more than 1 sq ft per chick. I raised 32 chicks in one of these to 5 weeks of age with no problem
By the way I do have more of these built.
Those look really nice!!
Is there any way that you could attach the lamps so that they can't accidently get bumped and fall onto the shavings, causing a fire? I know that those kinds of lamps have really good clamps but just to be on the safe side. Can't wait to see some pictures of those brooders full of chicks!!!
Those are cool! I have a smaller one a friend gave me. The plywood is sturdy and you already have a screen top so you'll be all set when they try to escape. BTW - we had CX's they NEVER tried to escape - they stay where the food is.

Good luck and have fun!
There is a screw down through the top of the clamp so it can't fall off by bumping it.
Thanks for the concern. I'll get pictures as soon as I get the fuzzy butts !
Wow, those look very nice! If those are that good looking, I can't wait to see your coop! Is it done? or still in the project phase?

Wish I had space for a brooder like that.... I have 9 chicks in a big tote (from walmart) in my 1/2 bath off the mud room. It stays warm in there, small room, vent closed off.. but its small.
My coop on the other hand is quite roomy. I have room for about 40 or so Chickens. but I don't want that many just yet
we will see how these do, and maybe next year we will get about 10 more.

Good luck with your flock, I love mine to pieces. I was really surprized to see how friendly and curious they are. and each one has their own unique personality.

brooder looks good, I want pics of the coop

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