Broodies knocking over food

Qi Chicken

10 Years
Jul 3, 2009
How do you feed your broodies when in wire cages. Two buff orps have knocked their water and food bowls over about 20 times today. Big mess. I tried to wire the containers to the side and it didn't work very well, wire slips down and then they knock it over again. Can they drink out of a gerbil/hamster type thing?

Thanks. One day and they are still broody as all get out. Puff up like q-tips when you go in there.


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10 Years
Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
Some of my chickens learned to drink from a rabbit waterer, some didn't, but they had a regular waterer available, too. Drill a hole in the feed container and wire through that.

Is this to break broodiness? If they are getting up 20 times a day they may not be broody any more. Chickens puff up, like other animals, as a warning, and not just when broody. Ever watch two roos pretend to fight?

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