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    Ok this is probably a really stupid questions, but is there a way to "trigger" broodiness in a hen? My girls are a year old and only 1 of the RIR girls has shown any sign of broodiness. She'll sit on the nest and get all fussy with me when I take the eggs, but even when I leave the eggs there, she won't remain on them for more than a couple hours.

    Just wishful thinking I suppose. [​IMG]
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    Most people would say no. I've read of confining the hen in a dark nest for a few days, though I would not try that, myself. It's a hormonal change. Some breeds are much more likely to go broody than others. If yours are hatchery birds, broodiness is going to be pretty unlikely, as hatcheries breed for chickens who don't go broody, to get more eggs.
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    I can only say from experience that when I gathered a bunch of eggs up (13 total) and put them in a nest together, my one hen (that I "unbroodied" the year before) saw them, got excited and immediately went broody!!!! Ended up hatching 10/13

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